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Yabbies Attack Go Pro - Crayfish, Crawfish | Music

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YABBY, the little crawfish, needs to get back to his birthplace at the source of the river to mate. Help him navigate and save him from all the dangers looming on his long journey.

Steering is very easy - just press the arrow keys on the lower left and right sides of the screen and route him through the treacherous river obstacles. But be careful, the farther you go, the harder it gets!

Try to go as many miles as you possibly can and compete with other players from around the world.

One more secret hint for you: YABBY will swim faster if you tilt your device in the according direction while pressing the arrow keys.

YABBY - your perfect mobile game for in between.

Good luck!

This is the pro version of YABBY

+ entirely ad-free
+ compete in global ranking lists
+ your highscores from a previously installed YABBY free version will automatically be imported
+ you can start the game without being connected to the internet